May 16, 2005

Upfront Hell Week Begins with NBC

NBC Upfront- 2005/2006 Season
May 16, 2005
Radio City Music Hall
12:30pm Press Arrivals/1-3pm Talent Arrivals

NBC always gives us lot of room to work. Nice backdrops, decent talent list.

Debra Messing- Nice fashion
Dennis Hopper- He has photos of us, watch out!
Donal Trump- You're Tired!
Vincent D'Onofrio- Looking as enthuiastic as ever

Chris Noth- He was in a feisty mood.
When asked to "Pose for NBC", he flipped the bird for a milisecond. I think Tina got a shot of it.
Then, a little further down the carpet, when asked to pose by the Peacock logo, he faked that he was going to urinate on the sign. Followed by a two shot with Caroline Rhea, where he was staring at her...(uuhhh...ahem..) ample bussom heaving out of her top.

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