May 20, 2005

ROB THOMAS Lost His Matchbox

Rod Thomas on Today Show
Rockefeller Center Studios

I love shooting in the rain; testing if all the "Waterproof" seals on our cameras actually work.

Is it me... or does Fabio have impeccable timing when it comes to getting in front of us at the worst time? And that staff shooter has been a real pain as of late. Why would you stand on a milkcrate in front of all the press when you have complete access to roam wherever you want? I think a Cranial Rectal Extrusion is in order... (Head out of you Ass... for you simple folk)

Is three hours of sleep even really considered sleep?

1 comment:

ZePhotog said...

Nope 3 hours doesn't qualigy as sleep, it qualifies as a nap maybe...

As far as the annoying "I-don't-know-how-to-work-with-others" F#@%, I propose to go for the knee caps so he has a good reason to use a crate next time !!!

The rain, Fabio, the cable guy, the mic guy, the Adolf-in-training guy are enough to have to worry about already, we don't need a fellow photog to mess it up any more !!!!