February 4, 2006

Seeing RED in Bryant Park

Red Dress Fashion Show
Bryant Park


Well...if this is going to be the barometer for the rest of the week... heavy drinking will numb it all away.

The show started 50 minutes late, Lohan was surrounded by goons, struggles abound.

As Nicolas puts it: "I have that Fashion Week Gaze"... (staring blankly off into the distance in disbelief).

Zak was told he couldn't stand where the public was standing, was sent into the street where the police told him he couldn't stand there...and was sent back to where he was. (Do you see a circular pattern forming here?)
And as Zak puts it: "$75 for a credential that doesn't get me anything. But I can have all the free coffee and water I want in the tent!"

Jesse (who was hired to shoot backstage), left the tent and wasn't let back in. They won't even let you into the general tent without a pass.

Please share your war stories...it may be the only therapy we have!

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Lotsa Paparrazza said...

I won't be paying for this crap anymore. I'm getting better stuff outside! I went into this realizing (sadly) that there wouldbe little cooperation from the people we paid. I was right. WE SHOULD ALL NOT PAY AND JUST SHOOT EXTERIORS!!

On a different note, if any photog wanting info and to be phoned a "heads up", you must reciprocate. It's not a one-sided deal...ever.