February 7, 2006


Actress TERI HATCHER organised an impromptu bet on the set of a new TV commercial after paparazzi caught her stumbling while filming.

The DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES star was shooting an ad for Clairol hair colour and had to walk a dog through a park and tripped on the exposed roots of a tree.

But when she realised paparazzi were focusing on her, she knew the trip would make headlines and decided to have fun with her film crew.

She says, "We're out in a park in Beverly Hills on a Saturday and there are 300 fans and twice as many paparazzi. I'm doing this thing and tripping and in one of the takes I tripped a little farther and went down to the ground.

"I just looked up at the director and said, 'That's the shot.'

"I literally said, on the set, 'Everybody write down what the headline's going to be and we'll have a pool, and whoever gets closest will win.'

"Sure enough, they came up with 'Teri Takes A Walk On The Wild Side' and wrote that I had a new job as a dog walker. Yeah, thing's are not going too well on Desperate Housewives!"

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