February 4, 2006


Looks like we have to get to work on these folks....

Sydney - Oscar-nominated actor Heath Ledger has put his Sydney harbourside house up for sale and intends to live in New York to get away from the paparazzi photographers he says have driven him out of Australia, news reports said Saturday.

Ledger brought the house in the beachside suburb of Bronte for 4.4 million Australian dollars (3.3 million US dollars) in 2004.

'Bronte is scaring me at the moment, ' Ledger was quoted as saying in The Sydney Morning Herald last year. 'I feel like the paparazzi are going to kick me out of that city. '

Ledger, the star of the acclaimed 'Brokeback Mountain ' feature film about a couple of gay cowboys, has had a troubled relationship with the media.

At the premiere of 'Brokeback Mountain ' in Sydney last month press photographers sprayed him with water pistols in retaliation for what they claimed was his spitting.

Ledger 's partner and 'Brokeback Mountain ' co-star Michelle Williams, the mother of his five-month-old daughter, also got a little wet on that occasion.

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