February 6, 2006

Pretty in PINK

Pink Panther Premiere
Ziefeld Theater

Where are all these people coming from? Both in front of the barricades and behind.

There were over 50 shooters at this premiere, stacked 3 to 4 rows deep. Lot of new faces in the pen ...and we were packed tight today. At least we were tented.

And man... those publicists are getting worse. Standing between the photographers and talent, not having their talent pose correctly (not bouncing around like a terets patient).

And god forbid we yell for his Royal Highness Steve Martin. He wouldn't pose because we were yelling. Awwww...did we hurt his feeling.

Meanwhile, Beyonce poses up a storm and gives us everything you could want. Yelling and all.

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T_Bickle said...

Everything went well except for the constant racial remarks by the author of this blog site.

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