February 5, 2006

Detroit 'OP' City

Here's a local Detroit paper's take of the paparazzi invasion because of the Super Bowl...

The first bribe offer reached Nicholas Graczyk within an hour of news reports that Paris and Nicky Hilton enjoyed some late-night cocktails at The Hill, the Grosse Pointe Farms restaurant he manages.

Graczyk declined that proposition and all others -- "There's been quite a few calls since then," he said -- to make some extra cash by alerting certain photographers if the Hiltons return to the eatery.

The offers come from a unique breed of photographers more than willing to shell out big money for tips about celebrities. They're the paparazzi, known for relentlessly pursuing stars to catch them in unguarded moments for candid photos to fill top-selling magazines including Us Weekly, Star and InTouch, not to mention the tabloids.

"Wherever there are celebrities, there's 'paps' working it," said Frank Griffin, founder of Bauer-Griffin photo agency in Los Angeles, which proudly declares itself a paparazzi agency. "You have to know there's lots of them (in Detroit) right now."

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