February 7, 2006

Reese Witherspoon's Paparazzi Attacker Found Dead

The photographer who was charged with child endangerment and battery after attempting to photograph Reese Witherspoon has been found dead at his Californian home.

The Oscar nominated actress was with her children and their friends for a birthday celebration at a Disney theme park when the attack occurred.

While Witherspoon and the children were enjoying her daughter Ava’s sixth birthday, photographer Todd Wallace tried to take pictures of them.

When they desisted, Wallace became angry and went so far as to knock down and hit two children in his bid to get a picture.

Wallace even turned on theme park employees after they tried to restrain him leaving the children attending the birthday party in tears.

He was charged with six misdemeanour offences but pleaded innocent in October, reports Ananova.

When Wallace failed to turn up for a bail hearing in December a warrant was issued for his arrest.

Friends of the unstable photographer found his body but his identity was not confirmed due the state of his body…tests should prove that the dead man is Wallace.

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