June 22, 2005

Does DeBeers Bring DeCelebrity?

Grand Opening Of The First DeBeers Store in New York

They may be a girls best friend, but i'm curious how these diamonds treat the press...


Lotsa Paparrazza said...


Lindsay AND Teri BOTH came EARLY!! The rain came with them too but light.

I guess De Beers told them that if they wanted the diamond swag, they'd better show up on time!

However, De Beers neglected to negotiate that they STAY and represent. Lindsay did her photos, interviews, walk through the store, got her De Beers goodies AND departed early! I think she was there less than 15 minutes. Same with Kathy Hilton (10 minutes). I left before Teri finished her interviews.

There were 40 names on the list (90% socialites). About 15+ photographers total...most had front row.

It was an easy and cooperative shoot. Although, we were promised a 2-shot with Lindsay and her mom, Dina. PR couldn't make it happen and Leslie Sloane wouldn't let it happen, so many photogs departed as well.

fingerazzi said...

Actually I would say Lindsay stayed for about 45min. She did pose very well when she arrived and also posed with actress Lisa Ann Walter (an old buddy from "Parent Trap") and Teri Hatcher on the way out. (Only the roaming guys got that shot though) Even Vanessa Carlton showed up in FASHION! for a change.
The shoot was organized and low stress. A tent would have been nice but the rain was not that bad.

iHaveAlongLens said...

Lindsay had a 7:55 flight out of JFK so she stay pretty long in my book. I would have been outta there way sooner