June 1, 2005

David Beckham Gets The Boot

Various techinques and styles of 'Chimping' at the Beckham shoe event.

David Beckham Boot Launch
Adidas Store, SOHO
June 1, 2005
10:15 am

Lot of shooters out this morning (I guess this Beckham guy is big or something...lol). Things ran pretty much on time. Reporters sat in chairs in the middle of the press area, Wire Services right behind them with video on a riser. The rest of the shooter were placed either right or left of these areas. A good 30-40 photogs in total.
The photo-op: Beckham behind boots, Beckham holding boots. Lackluster press conference. Followed by Beckham behind boots, Beckham holding boots. (If you were quick, you got him when he scratched his nose...EXCLUSIVE!)

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