June 13, 2005

Are You Serious? Dont Kid,man...

Are we all ready for Bewitched?
Will we all play nice?
Will she play nice with us?
Can we resolve "The List"?

Only time will tell.............


Lotsa Paparrazza said...

I predict that the Bewitched will run smoothly. Good spirits* will be in abundance. Cooperation and fairness will be at an all time high. The List reading will quick and accurate. The space provided to still photogs will surpass anything that Tom Cruise could ever hope to provide. No fights, no arguing, no pushing and shoving amongst the photos. All will be calm and pleasant.

I also predict 2 ft. of snow today.



Be cool.

*NOT referring to liquor here*

p.s. to KINGFREAK: nice poem but it didn't rhyme.

G said...

dont quit you're dayjob and become a psychic! you're fired...