June 10, 2005

No Scrapes and Bruises, Just Black Eyed

Black Eyed Peas
Apollo Theater

From Nikon Deb

Tonight was proof positive that
IF photographers stick together, THINGS may change. There were 5 shooters at the Apollo Theater shooting the Black Eyed Peas in concert. We were all told on the phone that we would be "in the pit." I have been shooting concerts at this venue for years and never once was I in the pit (they technically don't even have a pit).
We arrive, and are placed in the back of the theater, behind all the people. As soon as the Peas take the stage, the entire audience stood up. I was on my Turtle stool which makes me a whole 5'4". We tried to move to the row of seats in front of us which was empty and out of everyone's way, only to be told we couldn't stay there. So back we went. Even Phillippe couldn't see over everyone's head and we all know that when that happens, things are bad. I tried to explain the situation to the PR woman for the Apollo but it didn't seem to matter. After 2 of the 3 songs we were allowed to shoot, I left. As soon as I got to the lobby where my husband was waiting for me, the other shooters came out. Myself, Phillipe, Jon, Eddie and Tim were (as calmly as possible) explaining the situation and telling them how poorly this venue handles things. At one point, a comment was overheard that from now on press would not be allowed and we were all in agreement-do not invite us to NOT give us a photo op. Because none of us lost of heads and STUCK TOGETHER and explained the situation, they then brought us down to the front of the theater and let us shoot 3 songs. We all walked away happy, and said "if EVEYONE sticks together, the job can get done." Tonight was a show that teamwork pays off.


Anonymous said...

Glad to read it worked out but there were only FIVE of you...try getting photogs to stick and work together when the numbers surpass a minimal 20! imagine the mess with 30 or 40+! (Imagine it? we've already lived it!)

And remember, the problem there apparently was NOT the photogs but the PR for the Apollo...a bit of mismanagement.

Anonymous said...

Actually, it can and has been done with larger numbers of us at past events. We were able to get what we wanted when just a few of us went to the PRs and negotiated. Of course, trying to negotiate stuff with the PR doesn't always work.

When there's a lot of photographers, we just can't have everybody trying to talk at once in situations like that with a mob mentality.

Anonymous said...

good job guys
you make me so proud
we need more of this

Bloggette said...

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Lotsa Paparrazza said...

"Anonymous" is cool.

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Anonymous said...

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