June 8, 2005

Shakira Stops Traffic In Times Square!

Shakira is in there somewhere....

Shakira Album Promotion
Virgin Megastore, Times Sq.
6pm arrival

If you have never seen the movie 'FALLING DOWN' with Michael Douglas, I suggest you rent it. It's a great movie about 'An unemployed defense worker frustrated with the various flaws he sees in society, begins to psychotically and violently lash out against them.' You'll notice the similarities between the movie and what has building up in the photo pit lately.

92 degrees, 40+ photographers, 3+ hours of waiting, hundreds of screaming fans. Do the math.

Virgin was nice enough to build a 3 tier photo riser to accommodate the masses. And even then it was a struggle to pull off a shot. After calling 'The List', there were 2 print reporters and one unknown photographer standing right in front of everyone, and refused to move. Well...Charlie didn't take to this opinion lightly and let this poor sap know. I swear I saw veins bulging from his neck as his informed him of his impending doom if he failed to comply.

It's now 6:50pm (6pm scheduled arrival) and she arrives in a black van. It is at this time that every tourist, fan, city worker, security guard, passer-by, Christian, Muslim, redneck, taxi cab driver-- decided to mob Times Square to catch a glimpse of Shakira. Photographers at the front of the arrival were thrust forward by the throngs of people. Bending barricades, screaming security, video guy on the carpet, PR standing right behind her. Complete and total chaos.

And to top it off, she poses for less than two minutes (that includes the time she spent waving to fans, an interview with Spanish TV and stopping for the whole line.)


ZePhotog said...

Sounds like you guys had some serious fun in the center of the universe ;-)

Seems that June is profiling to be chaos month : the Tony's, the CFDA's, Madonna, Shakira... nice stretch !!!

And it's only wednesday !!

Oh, by the way, while you guys where going at it Spanish style, I was downtown (where Calvin Klein has his show during fashion week), inside, with AC, Apple Martinis, caterer food for the taking...
Raking up on eye contact headshots of Naomi Watts on a green background...

Life's unfair, I know... But then again who would have believed the dream list that event had ?

It was a gamble that paid off well, but it won't happen everyday...

Kingfreak said...

Yea... great. I was so busy today that I had breakfst a 6:30pm, which was a McDonalds milk shake.
And to borrow a line from Lewis Black "It was so hot I should have put deodorant on my balls"

BLOGGER said...

4:00 am

He said: What are you doing??! It's 4 am!

She said: I want to find out what happened. I'm reading the blog.

He said: The blog, THE BLOG!