June 21, 2005

Lohan Lights Up Letterman

Lunacy for Lohan at Letterman.
Photo by Kingfreak.

Lindsay Lohan on Letterman
Ed Sullivan Theater

Today's photo pit was exploding with shooters, 3-4 rows deep, shooters across and in the street. Normal set up: 2 barricades across, from building to curb and as deep as you can go. She sun baked the pit in constant heat as photogs waited for hours. 20+ shooters by 1:30pm. This being said...

Lohan's arrival was slightly delayed as security reported that her SUV was being chased by photographers on motorcycle and in cars. Police closed the street prior to her arrival to keep the pursuers at bay. She arrived posed nicely for the press (with those darn dark sunglasses)as shooters and fans mobbed the street. She stopped for fans and signed autographs for a lucky few. Photogs in the street had a shot at her with fans.

A little over an hour later, she exits with nice fashion, no glasses, and once again poses up a storm. One photog presented Lohan with Happy Birthday balloons and a card (we got some nice smiles from her after that). A+ in my book...

Funny moment:
Slick Rick: "Those balloons were my idea!"
Lohan's mother: "That was so kind of you, how sweet", with a big smile and a wave.
(Rick had absolutely NOTHING to do with the gift)

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