June 16, 2005

John McCain't BUT Fran Can!

The Partnership for Public Service Gala
Rubenstein Communications, Inc

A low-key event with about 12 shooters. PR was helpful by keeping us informed as to the arrival of the VIP's. It's never a good sign when the PR comes over to the press and says "The Senators flights are still in DC." Being told this at 6:30p for a 7:30p photo-op....that math don't add up. The flights of the Senators were all delayed, so the men of the hour Sen. John McCain (with Sen. Lieberman, and Sen. Schumer) weren't available to photograph.

This didn't mean it was all bad...Fran Dresher in a great curvaceous green dress, Victoria Silvstedt, Ally Sheedy and Richard Belzer WITH the dark glasses on....SCORE!

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