June 6, 2005

CFDA All The Way

NY Public Library
June 6, 2005
5:30pm check in/6:30pm arrivals

Arrival area was set-up on the stairs of the Library. All the press were on one side with risers provided and pre-marked spots. A-list stills were at the base of the stairs, followed by video one level up. B-list shooters were located next and ended with print reporters (who kept inching their way on the rug, and sticking recorders in the talent's face while we were shooting.) A new addition this year; the entire press area was encased in a sturdy wooden pen. This prevented charging the rug and running the entire line.

PR was by KCD. Aside from the occasional 'non-essential personal' cluttering up the rug, things ran smoothly. One 'X' one the rug marked the talent stop spot, and all the photographers were situated to get a photo. All the talent stopped and posed.

Did anyone get a good shot of Dennis Basso, damn he was difficult.....(inside joke.)

And how about Seal and Heidi almost blowing past us! Well, if we would have missed them at least we would have had good fashion on Emmy Rossum!@#$$%!#!#@!

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Night Breaker said...

Just came back from exits!!

Pouring rain!! Celebrities in the rain!! The best!!

Kate Moss was pissed as hell! She almost got into a fight with the little guy from Splash News!!

Frustartion the wrong way? - maybe she should take it out on her driver!!

Nothing like a little drama to cap off the night!!

RELAX Kate Moss!! lol.........

The funniest was: The Lauren Kid geting kicked out of his car to accomodate Nicole Richie! The yokel got in the wrong car! lol......

FYI: No Maggie Rizer on the way out seems she is afraid of the rain! Much to the luck of her secuirty guy! She chose to hide sort of in his arms in sort of a hug kinda mode! Guess you can't win 'em all!

All in all a good take! This close (-) to a celebrity wet t-shirt contest I will ever see!!