June 7, 2005

MADONNA Loves Her Rodents

Celebration For Madonna's New Book "Lotsa De Casha"
Bergdorf Goodman
June 7, 2005
6:15pm arrivals

We haven't had this much fun since the days of Diana and JFK Jr.! This one got ugly...

The set-up: 3/4 of 5th Avenue from 58th to 57th Street was sectioned off for arrivals. Talent entered from 58th Street and walked the red carpet. Celebs were met by B-List photogs first, video then A-List. B-List were 2 rows deep, 3 deep in some places, but workable.

A string of B-List celebs show up- Matt Lauer, Molly Shannon, Rosie O'Donnell....then....mayhem!

Madonna arrives and is greeted by Rosie. Photogs towards the end of the line rush the beginning of the line. Photogs set up 2 spots for double-dippin' which lead to chaos. Madonna poses with a big rat (no not Rosie...a character from her book), no solo fashions. She walks the entire line with this rat. By the time she reaches the end of the b-list shooters, everyone from the beginning has now compressed towards the end. There was a gate separating video from b-list which prevented us from spilling over. So where there were initially 8 photogs, there were now about 20. Since we couldn't spill over to video, the only other place to go was on the carpet.

Security has to now contain the shooters as well a control the rug. This large security guy is sprawled out in front of three shooters, just as Madonna is posing. Some idiot then pushes from the back and almost topples over the swarm of photogs. The back row of photogs gain (some) control of the line, but, there were three people in front pushing forward on the rug. Security then involved the police in the matter because it started to get a little dangerous.

This is when people jumped over the gate into the video section and things just progressed from bad to worse...

Feel free to chime in with more...


Anonymous said...

why is leaning out and being halfway on the carpet so popular with some shooters? sure, madonna pics sell, but shooting up her nostrils? come on people, stop leaning SO much and messing things up for those down the line.

Anonymous said...

he (or she) who is without red carpet sin, cast the first stone (or camera battery)

however, one photog was unfairly singled out and chastized(sp?) and possibly blackballed by the PR firm for the photo sins of others.

it was a crazy crazy evening...'bout what I expected.

lupo said...

Leaners Leaners I know you want to fXck the star, but it won't happen. So relax. Chill . Don't go apeshlt. (top secret tip #1 You also need fashion).- AND SO SO WE! If you wish to become intimate with the "stars" perhaps you should be a PA or personal assistant - otherwise dang that zoom on the lens is really nifty,

PR:This particular PR always drops the ball when it comes to photo ops. They make an elaborate setup and let the pieces fall where they may. They are afraid of talent. Forget about intervening and pulling the weasel out to make a picture that might actually run more than once. We waited all those hours for a weasel picture. How weasely! To Madonna and PR: I know your still making Lotsa De Casha even if this book flops, but please let us make a little too in your next photo op!

ZePhotog said...

OK, so I have at home from this event :
2 Lumedyne battery packs

a body (D1X)

a 24-70 Canon (broken)

2 smashed flashes (1 Nikon, 1 Vivitar)

a bunch of cables

2 lexar 1 gig

an arm

an ear

and two legs (2 rights, not the same lenght, sorry)

If the owners of the listed pieces of equipment could contact me, I'll be glad to return the stuff...

Otherwise, it was one hell of a cluster fest !!!

Thank God for the book signing were you could actually get a few frames...

ICU said...

You know what, if you are in the back row or out of position for the shot than you are simply OUT OF POSITION for the photo op. Pushing, pulling, shoving, slamming,trampling your way into the front row or grasping & crawling on the backs of others is unjust,inconsiderate, selfish & desperate. There are actually people already in the front row who didnh't double dip, waitng for their fair shake at the photo op who were disrupted, & barely able to stand up, let alone take a picture. Either find a position you can work from or go without but don't steal from others to feed your hungry greedy face!

Anonymous said...

was Kevin Mazur sitting on her lap?

Anonymous said...

time to feed the animals
would you like some raw steak thrown at you, or something else?

Anonymous said...

maybe if some people learned the definition of a ZOOM lens!!! you think??

Lotsa Paparrazza said...

icu said, "...Pushing, pulling, shoving, slamming,trampling your way into the front row or grasping & crawling on the backs of others is unjust,inconsiderate, selfish & desperate...."

Yeaah! It's not like it was a Stones or U2 or a rap concert! Or they were giving out free food and liquor! Or $50,000! Damn y'all!

OBSERVATION: How is it that 2 photogs, both under 5'5" tall, were blamed for causing all of this mayhem?...which was not true...and then singled out by a Rubenstein rep (who amazingly didn't notice ALLLL those other photogs, many of whom were much taller and wider than himself...funny how he didn't go after them...hmmmm).

As much as I like Rubenstein (and I still won't complain out them), they are not completely without blame here. The main reason the photogs at the beginning moved on to get more snaps is that they got screwed out of their shots due to human congestion at beginning. Cause and effect.

And NO, I was not at the beginning. I was in the middle, though I could see the pile up from my POV. I was p*ssed-off because Mrs. Richie wouldn't let go of that damn RAT! And NO, I don't mean Rosie O'Donnell.

Have you ever tried to crop out a giant rat? Madge is missing part of her right arm!

G said...

leaning is a result of the massive natural gravitation pull celebrites tend to have on anyone within a 12 mile radius with a recording device....its all physics really, wheres that dude in the wheelchair to explain it all....