June 23, 2005

Desention In The Ranks at WAR

TomKat give it up for the NY crew.
Photo by Kingfreak

War of the Worlds Premiere
Ziegfeld Theater
3:30pm Press Check-in/5:30pm arrivals/7:30pm Premiere

The first photographer on the list arrived at the theater 5:30 AM.
(I don't really know what to say after that... I'm at a lost for words....)

Things we can all learn from today's premiere:
~When calling the list we go in Numerical order... example: 24 is followed by 25 and so on...
~There is NO CRYING in the photo pit.
~Someone in yo space? Jam yo rump in their face!
~Waiting 14 hours for a photo of a guy that LOVES to pose for us, is just plain wrong.

Webster Dictionary defines 'chaos' as " A condition or place of great disorder or confusion". That about nails it wouldn't ya say?

Please share your war stories (pun intended) as I'm sure they are as intense as the press pit was. The stories of the day will come from the pit...

And in all honesty, the premiere ran pretty well. TomKat posed forever, but we couldn't Katie alone for a fashion (damn you Scientologists....damn you). Speilberg posed, Dakota posed, Tom and Dakota, Spielberg and Tom....on and on and on.


photojam said...

what happened with sonia was just plain WRONG! she got bumped 2 spots below me and ended up in the front row-why? because she cried? is she A list? when you get in the pen, you have 5 seconds to pick your spot. if you are not fast enough and others are, you lose out. this has happened to me also and that's the way it goes sometimes. can i go cry to PR next time i am not fast enough? ridiculous!!! i wasn't going to bodily remove her, but it amazes me that 50 photogs couldn't pressure her to move. also amazes me that we were going to re-call the list for 1 person. when the other pen opened up (how many spots was that?)maybe we should have re-called, but i am not a big fan of the recall-once 50 people are situated, it's a nightmare to move again.

also, i was disappointed in tom/katy pose-it was pretty brief-yes, tom was great with dakota and spielberg, but i wanted more tom/katy time. that's what my 10 hours was for. i think that if the photogs had been more vocal (like the chant)they might have come back.

katy was oblivious to everyone! funny. all in all though it wasn't as bad as i envisioned. surprisingly peaceful. glad it's over.

G said...
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G said...

Heres yet another example of how unprofessional, and rightly deserved, this group of so called 'event photographers' behave. Screaming at one another in front of PR and hundreds of fans does not give the best impression, and defeats the ideals that this group so often wishes to achieve.

Another disappointing display by the 'team'. Way to go guys...

Lotsa Paparrazza said...

"katy was oblivious to everyone! "

SEE! Scientology DOES work!


I think Katie wanted to but I could see at least 2 women speaking to her constantly and I got the feeling that they were "stopping" her. Can you say "Stepford Wife"?

I am soooo suspicious.


If I ever have to go to battle (like against aliens), I want CARMEN in front of me!

re: photo ops

Actually, I should say that I got great photos but upon review of my photos on computer, apparently a sun beam was directly into most of my red carpet shots. damn.