June 24, 2005

Who Knowles What Time It Is?

BEYONCE: Beyond The Red Carpet
Museum of TV and Radio
7-10pm arrivals

A lot of photogs ran to this event after War which caused the small photo pen to burst at the seams. Three to four rows deep. Tensions were high from dealing with War all day, you could feel it. And it didn't help that Beyonce didn't arrive until after 9 o'clock; extending our already long day of waiting and delaying our night of edits....

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lupo said...

The security and PR did their job and kept house and "preferred" photogs neatly at bay- unlike the last time we attempted to get Beyonce last night at the 40/40 anniversary. At that event the PR ran a sloppy, lets just see what hits the fan kind of set up. The house photog - a guy who is really big on the hip hop scene - though rarely published - and has a peculiar horizontal style when shooting fashion backpeddaled about 2 feet away from Beyonce as she walked straght down the carpet- accompanied by the regular Daily News shooter (what a di*k that guy was!). Both shooters formed a wall as they went down the carpet which blocked a bunch of us who had been waiting there for hours especially for her. The average take on her was zero to 4 somewhat usable frames. The head of Berk Communications just shrugged and did not want to be bothered with the hassle of us getting pictures. Instead of controlling the carpet his underlings stood around and played with their TMobile Sidekicks. I will give him this: he did make sure that we got pictures of all the Football players and hip hop producers who showed up. Thanks!

Back to tonight's event . Paul Wilmont and Mike Zimmit's sp? security executed the event and did their jobs very well. And Beyonce again in great fashion gave us the picture despite arriving late-it was worth the wait.