June 7, 2005

Look at the Bashing (er...Blushing) Brides!

Ahh...the things people do for love. Photo by ZePhotog.

Every now and then we get a great fun shoot…

Women's Entertainment's "Bridezilla".
Times Sq.

June 7, 2005

Twenty brides in wedding dresses dive into giant cake to search for $50,000 at event celebrating 2nd season WE: Women's Entertainment's "Bridezilla".

This one comes from ZePhotog…

It was so pathetic that it turned hilarious when two of them actually started to fight over one of the ticket splashing in spongy cake and going at it like it was WWE in the mud...

This ticket's mine, piss off !!

Uh, uh b*tch, it's mine and I'm gonna slap your face with cake if you don't let go of it !!

I couldn't shoot anymore, I was crawling on the ground trying to catch my breath...

Tough shoot nevertheless because you had to dodge flying pieces of sticky stinky cake while shooting, a couple of shooters who got careless and jumped too close to the action are in for an early morning "let's go home and clean up" session, splattered in cake !!!!

1 comment:

Nikon Deb said...

one Bridezilla threw the cake all over the AP photographer.It was all over her arms, camera, in her hair.
I am still smelling that cake.
Jumping into a cake for $50,000 sure beats what they do on "Fear Factor" for the same amount of money.