June 7, 2005

Dizzying 'Heights' at Paris

This post comes to us from LotsaPaparrazza...
Thanks for the info.

"HEIGHTS" New York premiere at the Paris Theatre

Padded list...no Uma...no Keanu...no surprise.

All went smoothly. PR and publicists were very nice
and accommodating. Of course, there were only 3, then
4, then 5 photographers outside and about 4 or 5
photographers inside.

We got Glenn Close, James Marsden, Elizabeth Banks,
Susan Malick and Jesse Bradford, plus Famke Janssen.

Also had 2 celebs stop by the theatre with no
intentions of attending the premiere: MARCIA CROSS
(she wanted to see the movie that was showing at the
Paris regularly; and RODRIGO SANTORO (who is soooo
damn HOT!!) was just passing by.

I attempted to get snaps of Marcia but my flash wasn't
on. smart.

Yup. Um..yeah. That's it.



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Lotsa Paparrazza said...

I forgot to mention that the security staff was also nice and helpful.

Must give props to them.