June 8, 2005

Photographers Eat Crowe At Letterman

Hello?...Hello?....Damn phone reception....guess he couldn't hear us.

Russell Crowe on David Letterman
Ed Sullivan Theater
Arrivals- between 4-5:30pm

"...This guy is helping you -- helping you want to
kill him."
-- Craig Bierko referring to Russell Crowe "helping"
Craig with his acting while filming 'Cinderella Man'

Set-up was like usual. Photog pen immediately to the left as the talent exit their cars. An extended pen was set up perpendicular to the photogs to accommodate the extra video crews covering his arrival (his first public appearance since his arrest).

Russell's SUV arrives at 5:20pm (show tapes at 5:30). Fans and photogs rush the streets to get a glimpse. Alas....Russell steps out and makes a bee line for the stage door. He never looked towards the photo pit. The second video pit had the best arrival shots (if you can shoot around his security team), but he stopped for no interviews.

Did I mention that photogs were there since 1pm? Oh yea...it was also 92 degrees, sunny, and there was no shade in the pit.

Funny moment: Paul Anka (also scheduled on the show) arrives at 4:10pm in a big SUV and catches a lot of the press off guard. He gets out of his SUV, poses, waves to fans, smiles, does an interview. I wonder if he thought all that press was there for him...

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ZePhotog said...

Paul Anka actually tried to throw his cell phone at us... Mimicking the Aussie clerk mollester...

Funny guy indeed ;-)