June 11, 2005

Working To Make This A Better BLOG For All

Hello to all my fellow photographers...

Well... what seemed like a crazy little idea, a blog posting little anecdotes about our line of work, has caught on pretty well. There are a lot of great ideas being tossed around for improvement, and I will try to implement them to the best of my ability...as time allows.

I see people have a genuine interest in being involved, by posting, reporting on events and leaving comments. I would like to expose this blog to a larger market, but there are a few details that we need to take care of first.

I am going to make this a closed group "Team Blog". Now what does mean?

This means...anyone can view this blog, but only those that are members can post comments to stories that are posted. If you are a NYC Working Press Photographer, we want you as a member.

This is easily done. I need your email address so I can invite you to join the Team Blog. You can send it to KINGFREAK@GMAIL.COM or give it to me in person. Once you receive an invite from me to join, you need to set up an account. This can be done anonymously, in less than a minute and for free. Please select a name you want your posts to be under, fill out the rest of the info...and your done!

By making this a closed group, it prevents unwanted comments, spam, and allows us to discuss our business with only our co-workers. Anyone can look in, not everyone can join in.

Let's see where we can take this.....

Upcoming in the Blog: ~A section for just our funny outtakes and wacky photos.


Lotsa Paparrazza said...

Having trouble coming up with a "handle" for this blog? Are you too lazy or the lack creativity to come up with one of your own? Shy?

Then contact me!

For a mere $10 per letter, I'll give you a handle/name that's sure to embarrass your parents and even make the devil blush!, while making others jealous because they didn't think of it first.

I'M KIDDING! it's $3 per letter.


Lotsa Paparrazza

p.s. yo! KING FREAK: is it possible to use "emoticons" in your blogsite?

Big Poppa! said...

about time someone came up with this idea!! Why don't we get at least one "rep" per photo agency or so to help spread the word? Seems alot more people reading this than anything... PEOPLE CAN YOU HAVE THE BALLS TO SPEAK UP? STOP BEING CHICKEN AND JOIN OUR SOCIAL BANTER!


Kingfreak said...

Hey BigPoppa, Don't forget to send me your email to register. After next week comments will be limited to register users. I like your colorful comments, it would be a shame to lose them.

Anonymous said...

I love the BLOG!!! PR FIRMS should read this it would give them insight and knowledge. Eric thank you; you should be the President for all of us. A Photog Union not only to take care of legal fees if confronted with paparazzi drama; but also medical insurance. Than register for big time events in association with this union and create Award Shows. Eric I know you can spearhead this.