June 9, 2005

Katie Holmes- Sweetheart To The Press

Katie Holmes
Late Show With David Letterman

Mrs. Cruise (not!) arrived on time for her appearance on Letterman. She came out in a nice white dress (ahem....must have been cold in that SUV), and posed up a storm for all that were there. Took off her sunglasses and everything.
One hour later, she exits and poses up a storm again, in a different outfit, jeans and a purple top.
She even stopped and signed autographs for fans and posed for pictures with them. A class act all the way.


ZePhotog said...

If only all celebrities could pose the way Katie does and all personnal publicists could be as professional and reliable as Lindsey Sloane... Our job would really be the greatest in the whole wide world !!!

Anonymous said...

Too bad she didn't pose at her premiere in Hollywood as some person dragged her down the red carpet. And her boyfriend Tom ran down and only posed in the front part with Katie.