June 22, 2005

War of the Worlds Press Conference

War of the Worlds Press Conference
Essex House

Let's see if this is an indication of how tomorrow goes....

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Lotsa Paparrazza said...

I was on my way to the De Beers event and decided to walk from Columbus Circle. As I walked across 58th Street, I noticed a crowd at the backdoor of the Essex House.

oh yeah..I forgot..Holy Shiite..TOM CRUISE!!!!

I can only speak of the post-conference aftermath at the 58th Street entrance of the Essex House.

3 words come to mind:


3 other words came to mind but KINGFREAK said NO "vile language".

The press photogs handled things well, I thought. However, fans and dealers got beyond out of control. Some of them out right nasty and greedy (insert your look of shock here). Of course, the photogs will get blamed for any problems (one did), even though we were outnumbered, seriously, about 4 to 1!

One stupid mother (add THE expletive if you feel like it) actually had her small'ish son in the middle! and then, warned that no one should push him. He's probably a pancake right now.

I shot all "Hail Mary"'s and I actually got a few photos!! I would have had GREAT photos had most of the photos not had TOM's head blocked by white paper.

Tonight is going to be memorable.

RECOMMENDATION: Should any of us press photogs get shut out or just get lousy spots, and if they put up TOM's traditional bleachers, set up a press spot in the bleachers as a last resort.