June 20, 2005

Which WAYUU Gonna Go?

Wayuu Taya Foundation 3rd Annual Fundraising Gala
Monday, June 20, 2005
Tribeca Grand Hotel

Courtesy of LotsaPaparrazza:

Actually, it was a good/ok event. We got Rachel Weisz, Iman,
Patricia Velasquez, Soledad O'Brien, Wilmer
Valderrama, Edward James Olmos (the Honoree), Russell
and Kimora Lee Simmons plus Jade Barrymore and Katie
Ford. They all showed up late...no shock there. We
got great stuff. Great fashion...lots of color. Cute
swag bag!!

We were set up inside. Plenty-o-elbow room. Those of
us behind the railing were friendly and cooperative.
However, those house photogs... (Why are there more
than 2 house photogs for an event that small?) One
was particurly snotty and continually got in our way
on the end. He even went so far as to snarl "I hope
you made your rent", as he walked away. I heard that
he's on salary.

Still, basically, everything went ok until the very
end when it was time for the big group shot. That's
when a few of what it seemed like 10 house
photographers, that came outta nowhere, starting
blocking the photogs on the left side. We tried to
push them out of the way. In my futile attemps to get
the 2 pr people to move them (what a doof I was!), I
slipped on the lil stool but 2 photogs broke my fall.
Again, my apologies and thank you to those 2 photogs.

Oh yeah! There was one house photog who was shooting
"old school" style! He was using 800 speed film and
had a flash the size of the Hubble!

Ahh, it was pretty good.

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nyphotog said...

pretty good event, except for the house photogs in the way at the end of event.

why do they do that???