June 3, 2005

Black Eyes or Latin Thighs

Black Eyed Peas/Today Show/Rockefeller Center/7am press call
Shakira/ Good Morning America/Bryant Park/7am press call
June 3, 2005

The TODAY SHOW has become progressively worse to shoot. This week they created a 'pit' for select fans to dance in while the Peas preformed. This pit extended in front of the normal gates, thus compressing our shooting lane even more. And their staff photographer has become completely incorrigible. When he isn't shooting, he chimps while standing in front of us. When he does shoot, he's all over the place. Now mind you, there are two other photographers working in front of us that never seem to get in the way. House and AP. Hmmm...maybe he can learn something from them. But week after week, SNAFU (Situation Normal, All Fouled Up).

And this week, he has the audacity to come over to us and say "All you guys just cry like babies...". Oh My God!.....What did he just say?!@#!

God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.
(Ok...I'm better now....)

One photographer didn't take this statement too lightly, and became quite vocal over the point, causing PR and security to swarm over us as we tried to plea our plight. PR assured us they will do their best to fix the situation by next week. Let's see what happens at the Backstreet Boys...

Someone give a head's up about Shakira. I heard 25+ photogs...


Anonymous said...

this A-hole IS their house photographer. I hear he's a partner in a law firm and has used his contacts to become the house shooter for NBC, even having permission to shoot bands when they perform in the studio.

ZePhotog said...

Well let's name names today and tell it for what it is...

The inconsiderate egomaniac we're talking about here is DAVID A****, he has indeed a day job as a lawyer and is moonlighting as an annoyance to REAL photographers on music gigs (and apparently submits to Retna...)

That disgrace of a human being is not only selfish egocentric, self important and condescending, but he is now sporting an attitude on top of it.

First, if your full time job is not photography and you only do that occasionally you should keep it down, be modest and respect the people that are doing this on a daily basis and as a living.

Second, when you have the privilege of not being penned up and you can roam, you should be even more aware of the other photographers that do not have the ability to move around to get their pictures.

Third, when you've been asked time and time again every single friday over the last month or so to get out of our way, if you keep doing it, you're asking for troubles and you're showing nothing but disrespect for people that are not relying on any other job to pay their rent.

Fourth, when on top of all the above you have the mind boggling audacity to come to us at the end of the concert today to spit on us, look down on us and give us misplaced attitude, you're crossing the line...

So you have one more week to the next concert to get your act together, apologize to all of the photographers you have insulted today and take "work with others 101" classes, because if next week the same situation happens again we will have to take steps and use more convincing techniques to get our point through that thick self important skull of yours...

And trust me, you won't like it at all, so come back down to earth, look around you, learn from the other roaming photographers (they somehow manage the incredible trick to never get in our way, so learn the trick) and let's have nice and easy early friday mornings from now on, shall we ?