June 15, 2005

PETRA-fied To Pose Solo?

For the love of God, can we get a fashion?!!!
Photo by Kingfreak

Viva Glam Casino
Gotham Hall
PR- Nadine Johnson
June 15, 2005
Press call: 6:45pm

Photographers set up on the side-walk outside Gotham, under three tents that covered about half the sidewalk, with a backdrop and reddish carpet (it was pretty dirty and unkept).

PR seemed to have a nonsensical way of placing photogs. If you called to RSVP, you were placed in a spot, or not. Huh? If you didn't RSVP, some were placed in spots, some had to wait for 2nd row. And then there were just some they didn't let in at all (and they shot from 2 inches behind us "outside" the velvet ropes). Huh?!? Very strange....and there were only about 20 of us.

Maggie Rizer, Ines Rivero in good fashion. Very co-opeative. But the buzz was Petra Nemcova was going to show....she wasn't listed to arrive. And she did show.... in amazing fashion! She arrives on the carpet and...BAM! Rob from Dan Klores jumps in the way "NO SOLOS!". He then glues the president of MAC on her arm the entire carpet?!? Not once did a clear posed solo happen. Is that good PR? That MAC logo was all over the backround, the event was going to get coverage, so what's the deal? He even went out of his way to even "block" shooters from getting a clean solo.

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G said...

when petra showed up, this was a perfect example of why us 'event fotogs' get the reputations we do, and in this case its well deserved. as petra arrived, the people that were hanging out at the end of the carpet near the door suddenly became an incredibly greedy pack of vultures blocking about 10 other photogs snapping and pecking their little lens beaks into the prize. (breathe) after getting about 2664 shots of her, still continued to feed and block the rest of us starving fools. some fotogs really do deserve to be treated like animals, since thats what they are, and you know who you are....