June 20, 2005

Duchess Serves The Press

Pardon me Mum, do you have any Grey Poupon?
Photo by Carmen.

Sarah Ferguson- Duchess Of York
Stage Deli- Sandwich Dedication

Sarah Ferguson unveiled the "Duchess of York," a new sandwich named after her by the New York Stage deli. She arrived on time, posed in the street, in front of the restaurant, at the door, then inside. Photogs were brought in 5-7 at a time (3 groups in total) for a posed shot of her with the sandwich. Fergie has always been a class act by giving us a photo at everything she does here in NY.
And afterwards, she personally served the photographers pieces of the sandwich (grilled chicken breast topped with melted Muenster cheese and wasabi horseradish mayonnaise). The sample sandwiches didn't have the wasabi mayo, so I asked her to try it with the topping. And once again, she personally put the mayo on the sandwich in my hand. It's about time royalty served me! (Ok...Ok...let me have my delusions of grandeur). The press even got a bottle of the mayo with the press kit. Class act!

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G said...

that aint grey poopon...thats velveeta dude...